Why do I have to reboot my computer to get my antispyware programs to work?

by on May 20, 2009

Q: I have several free antispyware programs on this computer. Sometimes they get so that they can’t be opened without reloading the whole program from scratch. I thought it could be low disc space, but it could also be a spyware program that disabled them. Does anybody know which is more likely?

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    What anti-spyware programs do you have installed on your computer?

    Are you running XP or Vista?


    There are two main possibilities as to why your spyware programs are malfunctioning:

    1. You need to do software maintenance at least once per month to keep your computer in good working order. Without this maintenance, your computer will begin to forget things — what programs to load when, the location of your files within the computer, etc. Use the programs located at http://www.ccleaner.com/ and http://www.defraggler.com/ (both free) to do software maintenance on your computer. If these don’t fix your problem, consider reinstalling Windows; I reinstall everything on each of my computers at least once per year to achieve maximum performance.

    Running multiple anti-spyware programs at the same time is a bad idea because spyware programs often compete with one another for your computer’s resources, think the others are trying to infect your computer, etc. This can actually DECREASE the security of your system., I recommend the free edition of program called Avast http://www.avast.com/eng/programs.html for antivirus, anti-spyware, etc. If you are using Windows Vista and feel that you must run more than one anti-malware program at a time, you should be able to run Windows Defender (built into your computer) and Avast at the same time without too much conflict.