How come a web page started speaking?

by on May 23, 2009

Q: I have a Mac version OS 10. I was on a trusted site and heard a voice come over my computer that said “PARTY”. What could be going on?

One Response to “How come a web page started speaking?”

    There are two likely possibilities… First, the voice you heard could have been part of a popup ad or banner ad. Second, you may have accidentally activated Mac OS X’s “text to speech” feature.

    If you are worried about the security of your Mac, make sure that your firewall is on and in “stealth” mode. The procedure for this differs slightly from one version of OS X to another. You may also wish to consider installing the free ClamXav virus scanner (see the webpage). Macs are more secure than Windows-based computers, but they are not impenetrable

    Does this help?