What are the side effects of swapping hard drives on my laptop?

by on May 25, 2009

Q: I use two different internal hard drives (separately) in my T61 laptop. Can any type of cache memory be transferred from one hard drive to another? If so, how? Is there any motherboard component that stores cache and transfers it to the alternate drive? If so, can it be erased before the swap? I power down before swapping the drives.

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    There aren’t any side effects, and no data is going to make it between the two drives. The only way you’re going to be able to swap data between the drives (assuming that’s something you want to be able to do) would be to use a 3rd storage device, like a USB memory stick.

    Otherwise there aren’t any side effects, what you’re doing is perfectly normal.


      Thanks, Mark. I actually don’t want any sort of data transfer. I was wondering if any cache could store in a motherboard component enabling it to transfer between the two drives. I was under the impression that cache erased when powered down. I’m trying to careful about what goes where.

      Thanks again for responding. I appreciate your input.