How to get to myspace when IE freezes

by on June 3, 2009

Q: I have tried to access my account on myspace but when I login my browser freezes. I wait and nothing happens. I refresh and nothing happens. Here’s the kicker. I eventually get a message that says “window IE not responding”. I can’t do anything and then IE just crashes.

My wife and I can access the account from her PC but not mine and we have no idea why? I can access any other site with no problem from my computer.

A: Sometimes it is useful to have another web browser installed on your computer incase you run into a situation like this. We highly suggest you look into installing FireFox on your system and try accessing myspace that way.

We realize this does not solve your problem in relation to getting IE to work on myspace but it will let you visit the site. To actually get IE working again you will probably need to clear out your cache, defrag your computer, and run other system maintenance. It is not guaranteed that it will fix your problem though because it is possible it is something as simple as a plugin you have installed causing the problem when visiting the site.

We suggest you just play it safe and always have two browsers installed on your computer incase something funky like this happens.

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