How come I cannot boot from my new hard drive that is a mirror of my old hard drive?

by on June 4, 2009

Q: I’m trying to ‘upgrade’ my primary ‘boot’ hard drive from an 80gig ide to a 500gig sata. I was able to use the Seagate discwizard software to replicate my 80gig onto the 500gig sata, but cannot now get my computer to recognise and or boot up using the new drive?

I have an asus K8N-E Deluxe MB, WinXP service pk2.

The MB has 6 sata cable slots -4 marked as raid- the bios has 3 ‘switches’ in “onboard devices” which may need changed 1-Silicon Image Mode 2-int. Sata-Ide interface and 3-Raid option Rom. Plus there is the boot device priority and sequence section- but I cannot get the sata drive to show up here?

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    If you haven’t done so already, try booting up with only the 500gig drive plugged in.

    Let me know the error message you get when you try to boot up.


    Also, make sure Internal SATA IDE Interface is ENABLED


    tHANKS, i WILL TRY THIS BUT IT MIGHT BE A DAY OR SO- I reformatted the ne 500gig sata to try something else, so now I must go back and “mirror” my boot drive back onto it.
    I will re-post after I try this. Thanks again


    I am now booting from my 500gig sata after cloning my 80gig ide onto it! Not really sure how I got here, but I think it was a combination of unplugging the old HD master, and the boot bios settings.
    Thanks for the advice Mark.
    Next project is to set up a raid so I never have to worry about a HD failure.