How come my Nokia n79 reboots when I access the text messaging menus?

by on June 5, 2009

Q: Hi there, once again I need your help. I’m in possession of a nokia n79. It keeps rebooting randomly but mostly when I access the text messages menu. This started happening right after I updated firmware on it. I have tried everything from soft-reset to hard-reset the firmware version is 20.175. I really need your help in resolving this issue.

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    Could be a hardware problem, I’d suggest contacting your cell phone provider or nokia directly and see about warranty support for the phone.


    I know its not a hardware issue, i went to the store and they said it was a problem with the software update. Is there a way to downgrade the firmware?..


    oh and, the warranty has expired quite a while ago.


    I learned my lesson a few years ago about upgrading the firmware on cell phones. I got a message in my phone that there was a new firmware upgrade and before looking into what it did I ran it on my phone. My phone went from having amazing service everywhere to having no service at all.

    My phone was probably 4 years old at the time so I figured it was time for a new one but I wont do that again. Now I find out exactly what the firmware fixes before I do the upgrades and I only do them if it fixes issues I currently have.

    With that said, the carrier should be able to revert your phone to the older firmware. Their techs should have that ability. So I would double check with them again and see if that is something they can do. If not then you might need to contact Nokia and see if they can send you the previous firmware or see if they have plans to release an updated firmware to fix the issue that the latest version created.

    These should be answers you should be able to get from their support line even if your phone is out of warranty.

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    Bad news. I went to the Nokia site and found this

    Note: Nokia device firmware cannot be downgraded. Once you have upgraded your device, you will not be able to restore to the earlier version. Nokia cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party add-on applications that are not supported by Nokia.

    on the Nokia disclaimer device software update page, assuming you are in the USA.

    You might want to try to contact them and tell them that the firmware broke your phone and see if they will work with you to get it fixed. They might offer you a new phone at a discounted price if you ask the right way.