Could installing Norton slow down my computer?

by on June 7, 2009

Q: I’m running Windows XP on my Eee PC 1000he that I’ve had for about three months. I’ve had AVG the entire time and I’ve just installed Norton recently when I learned that it was free on my computer.

My computer is running is very slow and is acting up on multiple occasions. I run firefox rather than internet explorer. Other than the occasional torrent that I always scan before downloading, I don’t download anything. But, obviously somewhere along the line something slipped through.

I delete my cookies daily and my temp files often. I am very good with computers, however this is really stumping me.

I can be running firefox and suddenly I get pop ups. While this would be normal, the pop ups are internet explorer when I have uninstalled it.

Also, last night my computer froze and as I placed it aside while I worked on other things, the screen began to rotate, not allowing me to stop the rotation and eventually having to shut down the computer.

I have gone to program files to find internet explorer still there, just chilling in the files. If I try to delete the file, it tells me that it will remove my taskbar and start menu. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling I don’t want to remove those. I don’t know if this is normal, or if there is spyware attached. AVG (full version) and Norton both only find tracking cookies every now and then and remove them. Other than that, nothing shows up.

I am completely willing to install a new operating system. I was really wanting to install tiny XP but the thing is, is that the only OS I’ve ever installed was on my ibook a few years back. If there is nothing you can suggest about the spyware, is there any way you could walk me through the operating system installation? Is there anyway to do the installation using an external hard drive or a memory card rather than a cd/dvd player, using a .iso?

One Response to “Could installing Norton slow down my computer?”

    I’d suggest a few things to start out.

    1) Uninstall Norton, and just run AVG. Having more than one anti-virus program running on your machine will totally kill your performance

    2) Try running Spybot S&D: and Adaware: They’re both focused on cleaning up spyware and related junk.

    Let us know how you fare after this, and we’ll go from there.