What is the best webcam and desktop sharing software for windows?

by on June 9, 2009

Q: What Windows webcam software can I use that will show my desktop without being slow and laggy?

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    Instead of using a camera to record what you’re doing on your computer monitor, I’d suggest you do a ‘screencast’ with http://www.screentoaster.com

    It will allow you to record your screen activity, and record your voice as well. Best of all you don’t have to install any software and it’s completely free!


    The only problem with that is it records video to be uploaded later. I need software that I can use to stream video to a webcam site.


    Okay, how about Procaster: http://www.livestream.com/procaster/


    I already have a channel on a webcam site. I have tried WebcamMax and ManyCam, but WebcamMax is very, very laggy when I show the whole desktop and ManyCam isn’t any better.


    The problem could be the upload speed of your internet connection.

    Try going to http://www.speedtest.net/ and running the ‘start test to recommended server’ right in the middle of the front page. It will test your download and upload speed. After it’s done there will be a button to ‘Copy Direct Link’ click that, and then paste that URL into your reply.



    It’s not my upload speed as I’m able to stream in high bandwidth with my webcam without any major lagging. WebcamMax is even slow when the desktop isn’t being streamed. Is there seriously no other software available?


    Can you post your computer specs?


    Also, is the resolution and video bitrate of both the webcam and screen capture feed the same? If so, can you tell me what it is? Transmitting a live feed of your desktop is going to be a lot more data intensive than a webcam.

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    I’ve decided to use ManyCam, although it doesn’t work with Adobe FME 3, which is my broadcasting software of choice. Instead I will use the webcam site’s broadcaster. Quality isn’t that great but since I’ll be showing video it won’t matter.