How come Internet Explorer has disappeared?

by on June 10, 2009

Q: My daughters were playing around one day with the computer. They were turning it on and off. The next day when I turned on the computer the icons had disappeared. I have to use the task manager and FireFox to get on the Internet because my Internet explorer has disappeared. What can I do?

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    1) I’d suggest seeing if you have a windows restore point from before this incident. And going back to that if possible. Let me know if you have Vista or XP if you need instructions.

    2) What is missing from your desktop? It sounds like there is nothing there at all, no icons, no taskbar or anything else, is this correct?

    3) In the future, turn on Microsoft’s SteadyState before the kids play around with the computer:


    -i have XP
    -yes theres nothing, just the screensaver .
    i want to o how to ger my icons back.


    Since just about anything could have been done or clicked on for your pc, the safest thing for you to do would be to restore Windows XP to a previous state.

    Here are Microsoft’s instructions: