The Best Antivirus Program as of Today

by on June 10, 2009

Q: I have Webroot Antivirus and Norton installed on my computer. Norton expired and I tried to renew it but as I was doing that Norton told me that I would have to uninstall Webroot. Webroot is also about to expire so I am wondering which antivirus program I should keep. Which antivirus program is the best right now?

A: Since antivirus programs stay running all the time to check files as you use them you only want to have one installed and running at a time. When you have more than one running at a time they could seriously degrade the performance of your computer.

We do not recommend Webroot antivirus or Norton antivirus. We believe there are better alternatives that are less expensive. So I would suggest you get rid of both of them and save your money! You should think about using AVG, Avast, or Avira. All three of those are very good and they do have free versions that should do what you need.

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