It is unlikely that your computer can cause your monitor to break

by on June 13, 2009

Q: Is it possible for my computer to cause my monitor to go out? I have had two monitors quit working but they were older type monitors so I am not sure if they were just old or if there is something else causing them to quit working. I ordered a new monitor but I am worried about hooking it up if there is something wrong with the computer.

A:  It is highly unlikely that your computer could do anything that would cause your monitor to break. You should just make sure that you have your computer and monitor connected to a good surge protector.

Since you are getting a new monitor you should be aware that if something does happen to it your manufacturers warranty will cover it. So in the rare chance that you are one of the first people to have a computer cause a monitor to break you will be able to get the new monitor replaced. You would then need to investigate getting a new computer though. We have never heard of this happening though so we think you should be safe.

For those people, like you, who are getting new monitors; you might want to take a minute to read an interesting article over at consumer reports on extended warranties.

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