How come I cannot install Flash on my computer running Windows Vista?

by on June 15, 2009

Q: I have a new Dell running Vista. I an trying to download adobe flash but the “do you want to install program” box does not appear. I have tried other programs  as well. All pop-up blockers are off and antivirus is off as well but still no luck. Further when I go to I get no video.

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    What web browser are you using?

    Also, what web address are you trying to download flash from?


    i have tired slimbrowser and ie8…
    the site i am trying to download is

    btw i just noticed that on my msn homepage under hotcom there is a message that i need javascript to be enabled on my browser. I went to tools/internet options//security/custum level/ and enabled javascript but still get the same result..hope that helps..i am at a loss


    Try this.

    1) Downloading the flash uninstaller:

    2) Shutdown all your browsers

    3) Run the Flash Uninstaller

    4) Launch your web browser and go back to try and try again.


    nope…that didnt work. same problem..i get to the same thing when i try and download the software..i do not get the security warning dialog box.


    whats even more bizzare is that i tried to load cccleaner, and the security warning dialog DID appear for that one…go figure.


    i think i have narrowed it down to JAVA. If i bring up for example…under hotmail i get a message that javascript has to be enabled. I have tried everything. gone into tools/internet options/security and set to default. I have uninstalled java and reinstalled the latest version. 16.0_14. Turned off my antivirus. I wonder if it is VISTA that is causing the problem. I tried slimbrowser with the same results…i have even unsintalled slimbrowser as well

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    FIXED!!!!!! I have no more hair left..but its fixed….the whole problem wias IE8…i had to save firefox download on another machine and imported it to the new machine..ran it..and everything works….so much for ie8