Why do I get trails when I move an open page?

by on June 16, 2009

Q: Why do I get “trails” when I move an open page? How do I fix this? I’m using Windows XP.

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    To turn these off click on:

    * Start > Control Panel > Mouse

    Click on the “Pointer Options” tab and uncheck “Display Pointer Trails” Click okay, and you should be all done.


    Mark thanks for the advice but it’s not the mouse that trails it’s the page itself


      That is my fault for assuming it was the mouse. I will change the title of the post. Can you explain how a page would trail?


    Do you mean that it looks like this when you drag a window? http://img36.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wintrail.jpg


      yes, exactly. How do I fix this?


    We’ll need some more details. Specifically, your computer’s specs, and what programs cause the problem. Also, when the problem started, any new software or drivers you might have installed, etc.

    Do the old trails go away after you let go of the window? Normally I’ve seen the trails happen when a program is frozen or locked up and you drag another window over top of it.


    the pc is a dell p4 with 2 gb at 2.8 ghz. no new programa nor drivers. the trails stop when I stop moving the page and this started about a month ago


    I’d suggest updating your video card drivers. If you need a link let me know the make and model of your video card.


    will do so later , off to work thanks


    mark if ur referring to the graphics controller it’s an intel 82865G


    Use this site to check if your graphics drivers are up to date: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/detect.htm