How come I cannot get World of Warcraft to work with my Nvidia graphics card?

by on June 17, 2009

Q: I have a P4 Computer 1.8 GHz, 1 GB Ram, FX5500 Geforce Video Card running Windows XP Home. I also have DX9.0c installed.

My problem is loading the video drivers for the nVidia Geforce fx5500. I get the cursed yellow exclamation mark on the device manager for the nVidia. I tried everything to get the drivers to re-install. I removed the card and re-installed. I tried uninstalling the drivers manually too and it still did not work.

It always gives me an error that the video drivers didnt install properly. I play world of warcraft and when I click on the game I get to the play window and click play then I get the error failed to find suitable video display device. So I searched online at Blizzard (W.O.W. Site) and Nvidia site to get answers and still nothing.

I tried downloading the drivers and extracting them from the EXE file to try to manually update the drivers too. and again that didn’t work. The World of Warcraft site says to go to bios and re-assign the IRQ to VGA option. My computer doesn’t have that option.

Still I can get on the computer. I have a high resolution display just not from the nVidia but the monitors plugged into the nVidia card. So I cant play World of warcraft because the video drivers don’t appear to load. Is there anyway to fix this?

One Response to “How come I cannot get World of Warcraft to work with my Nvidia graphics card?”

    First make sure you’re using these new GeForce drivers:

    Please give us the *exact* error message you are getting.