How come I get a codec error when I try to play movies on the Internet?

by on June 18, 2009

Q: I cannot get movies to pay from the Internet The program says I need a codec pack. I did it and it still does not work. I am running Windows Vista Premium. I use to not have this problem a month ago. I have tried everything and did a lot of research and I am getting no where. Can anyone please help me?

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    May I ask, what website is not playing videos correctly? Some websites are made to trick you into downloading fake codecs — such fake codecs are designed to infect your computer with viruses, malware, etc.

    I’ve got several ideas to help you with your codec problem on legitimate websites, but let’s eliminate a fraudulent website as the cause first. 😉


      I am using the updated version of limewire 5 before updating to 5, i had no problems at all


        I did not downlow the suggested codepacks that were attached to the movies, I went on the internet and downlow K-lite & a few other’s. At present, I have removed all of them and my PC does not seem to have any signs of viruses. I have updated my PC manufacture drive from the manufacture, which is Gateway and I have also updated my verson of Nero 8. So everything there looks good, but I am still having problems viewing movies that I downloaded, the movies are downloading but not showing at all, what codepack will work? Or am I not understanding this right. From the extensive research I have done, I keep getting the message that some type of codepack is required. And once install, what do I do next. I am not a computer wiz, buy no means. However, I have been successfully making movies for three years with not a single problem. HELP!


    Movies downloaded from LimeWire, torrents, and similar software are often fake, and may try to infect your computer by tricking you into downloading fake codecs.

    Since you have already tried to download a codec from a suspicious movie, your computer my be infected with a virus, malware, etc at this very moment! I strongly recommend that you scan your entire computer with a reputable security program, such as the free version of Avast — — For most accurate scanning results, be sure to set the scanner in your security program to maximum sensitivity.


    Although the website for it looks legitimate, I’ve never heard of K-Lite…

    The first thing to remember is NOT to play a movie file in LimeWire. Instead, navigate to the folder where the movie file is, and play it from there.

    Next, you should tell Windows to show something called file extensions on your computer. This will allow you to always know what kind of file the movie you are trying to play is. To show file extensions in Windows Vista, go Start Menu => Computer => Organize => Folder and Search Options => View tab => uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” option => Apply => OK.

    I assume that Windows Media Player is still on your computer; keep it. You should also install (always free, plays almost and audio/video file) and (includes QuickTime, you do NOT need to purchase QuickTime Pro) and (choose free version) and (choose free version).

    Some of the movies you’ve been downloading my have been “zipped”. Zipping make the file smaller, and thus quicker to download. I recommend that you use the program at to unzip files. If the movie was originally on a DVD, you may have downloaded it in the ISO format. Use your Nero software to convert the ISO back to DVD format, then use a program such as VLC (see above) to play it.

    If you have installed all of the programs mentioned above, the only reason why a legitimate movie file will fail to play is if it is actually a project file from a movie editing program — Movie Maker, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, etc. Obviously, certain project files will play only with the correct editing software installed. I recommend that you avoid downloading such files if possible.

    After installing all of the programs mentioned above, I recommend that you run the following free maintenance software on your computer: and — see to learn how to use CCleaner.

    Once you have done everything mentioned above, any movie file which continues to ask for a codec is almost certainly a fake file that is trying to infect your computer!

    PS: Remember that downloading some kinds of movies, music, pictures, and/or software from LimeWire may be illegal in your country.

    Does this help?


      Robert, I will try; what you have suggested. Will any of these downlow’s take up very much space? And once install, do I have to do anything else? (not a PC wize).

      One Last question; why were I experiencing these problems in the first place? This is a puzzle to me sense I was not having any problems such as this for fours years! Thanks for everything!!!!

      f these downlow’s take up much space on my PC? I do have alot of memory/ram but I still need to know just the same. Thanks, again for all of your help, you have been very patient. One last final question, I am so puzzled as to why all of these problems happen in the first place, when (as I mention earlier) I have been doing this hobby for three years! Can you shed any light?



        Please excuse; the last paragraph it is an error!