How come I cannot get any software to burn a DVD?

by on June 21, 2009

Q: My computer has started to act weird recently and I am far from computer savvy. I have windows vista home premium. When I place a blank DVD into the computer, the normal pop up comes up which asks me if I want to burn a DVD using windows, media player, or movie maker.

I proceed to the formatting stage but now all of a sudden it says that my DVD can not be formatted what so ever! I tried movie maker and windows media but they have different reasons why I can not burn my movie. It all has to be stemming from the same thing right? All of them have worked previously so that is why I am assuming that. Nvidia was recently removed from my computer somehow and maybe that has something to do with it? A after I shut down my computer they asked me to reinstall it and I did.

One Response to “How come I cannot get any software to burn a DVD?”

    Two suggestions:

    1) Try using DVD-R disks instead of DVD-RW
    2) Try using