How come I cannot get my new Dell monitor to work with my Gateway computer?

by on June 23, 2009

Q: I just got a Dell monitor 1707fpt and I have a gateway computer using Windows XP. The monitor won’t work. A black screen with a box with red/blue/yellow/white boxes in it comes up. What do I have to do to make is compatible?

One Response to “How come I cannot get my new Dell monitor to work with my Gateway computer?”

    I’m going to assume you’re plan here is to replace your existing monitor with this new Dell monitor.

    The problem you’re getting indicates that the monitor is getting power, but it isn’t getting a signal from the computer. Assuming the computer is turned on, and the cables are plugged in you should get a picture on the monitor.

    Troubleshooting Steps:
    0) Re-read the instructions that came with the monitor.
    1) Recheck your connection from the monitor to the computer, and make sure the connection is snug.
    2) Make sure you’ve plugged into the exact same spot on the back of the computer that you used for your old monitor.
    3) If it still doesn’t work try hooking back up your old monitor and make sure that still works for you. This makes sure the computer is fine.
    4) Try hooking it up to a different computer, if it doesn’t work on another computer then it might be defective. Contact the retailer or dell for a replacement.