How come web pages won’t load after my computer has been on a while?

by on June 23, 2009

Q: How can I fix an error in IE that says “cannot display web page”? It does this after my computer has been on a little bit. Currently I have to re-boot to get back online.

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    – What version of Windows are your running?
    – What version IE are you using?
    – How do you get from the back of your computer to the internet? Ethernet to a router to a cable modem? Wireless connection to your home network, dial-up modem?

    This is probably a problem with your internet connection dropping out, so the more detail you can provide about how you connect to the internet the better.


    I am running XP, IE 8, I have a ethernet cable running into my modem, which is a zyxel P 600, from Earthlink.Does that help?


    Yes it does. Next time the internet connection stops working try using a different program that uses the internet (E-mail program, or maybe a different Web Browser like Firefox) and see if that works.

    Let me know the results.


    I tried firefox too when that happened again and it didn’t help.


    Okay, what other software programs and versions do you have running in the background? Stuff like firewall software, anti-virus software, anti-spyware, etc.

    Can you download and run hijackthis, and e-mail me the logfile at mark(at) ?

    Download Hijackthis:
    Instructions on how to create log file:


    Thanks for sending the log report. Your problem is likely caused by some of the software installed on the system and running in the background. My guesses would be some of the MacAfee products like their proxy guard software, as well as some of the mal-ware junk running.

    If it is at all feasible, I’d suggest backing up your data and doing a fresh Windows Installation, making sure you use Windows Update as well to get Windows fully up to date with Service Pack 3 (SP3). After that, you can help keep your computer secure by doing the following:

    Install a Free Anti-virus program like AVG ( You only ever want to have one Anti-Virus program installed and running on your PC.

    Install and run Adaware ( free ) and Spybot S&D ( ) once in a while to clean your computer of spyware/malware and other junkware.

    Use Firefox for web surfing, it does a better job of warning you about junk websites.

    Beyond that, be careful what you install and download on your computer : )

    I know the windows re-install can be a pain in the neck, but it will almost defiantly fix your problems, and your computer will run like new! Seek out a local geek if you need help.