Is there any software that will resize a raw file system?

by on June 25, 2009

Q: I have a zone pzn6190 dvd recorder with a seagate 250gig hdd. I would like to know if i can hook the drive to my windows xp comp and if there is any software I can use to resize the partition in raw format as the partition space allocated to hold any video files I have transferred from an external device just not big enough to hold those files (roughly 5 gigs, I wish to resize it to about 100gig). The only software that is available that resizes partitions in fat, fat32, ntfs, etc but haven’t found any for raw.

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    “RAW” Filesystem means that the computer either can’t read/understand the file system used on the hard drive, or that data on the drive is corrupted or encrypted.

    I don’t see anything on-line about hacking around with the filesystems on this brand of players, so I think you’re going to be out of luck. Be very careful, because depending on how the rest of that box is setup, tweaking the contents of that drive on your PC could potentially kill the recorder.


    oh ok thank you for that, i kinda figured if the manufacturers had set the partition that way then there must be a tweak that i could use to modify the size of the partition set, I was just trying to find a way of expanding the size so i could add more video files on it, as it being the size it is i am limited to the amount of video the partition can hold, im constantly deleting video files and adding new ones (becomes annoying after a while)…thanks for the advise…