How do you purchase a web domain and hosting?

by on June 26, 2009

Q: How do you purchase a web domain and hosting?

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    The simple answer is that it’s just a matter of picking a web host:
    Most allow you to purchase a domain and server space directly.

    Picking a web host is a whole other ballgame, it depends a lot on your budget and what kind of website you want to make.


    Mark, You seem like a very intelligent man. If I could only grasp what this stuff is I think it would be a good thing. I doubt that it is a scam. There have been numerous magazine articles as well as news casts on these oppurtunities. Also, If you are in sales like myself and just want to earn a honest living, it’s worth a shot. Thank you very much for all your help. It has been a pleasure speaking with you.


    There are two parts to this question and I will address them separately. First the domain. What is a domain? The domain is the name of the web site. “” There several different domain types out there .com, .net, .tv, .ca, etc In the Interent world when a web site is requested it starts by looking at the rightmost text. For example: will look at the “.net” first to determine which name servers to query. From there it determines where to go next by looking at “mywebsite” (which is known to be in the .net domain). Once “mywebsite” is found then “mypage” will be loaded by the web server.

    Now that I’ve covered how the naming convention and searches work we have to address how to get one. The first thing you’ll want to do is come up with a name. Some guidelines are that you probably want a .com name and you shouldn’t have to use “-” or “_” or other creative ways of spelling it. Remember you want people to be able to find you. So once you’ve decided on the name you’d like the next thing you can do is see if its available. You can either do this through a DNS lookup at for example, or you can go to a domain registrar for example. From there you can figure it out pretty easily if the name you like is available.

    As for hosting. You can contact me. My company hosts plenty of web sites including my baseball bat web site. Web hosting is simply the act of setting up a web server to run your web site that is viewable by the public. You can then perform maintenance as needed.

    Contact Curt at


    Rappcu, I think I get it. Thank you so much!!!! You definately have given the best answer . I will contact you to check out pricing on your hosting as well. Thank you again.