Microsoft Digital Image Library and Pro

by on June 26, 2009

Q: I have MS digital image library 9 and MS digital image Pro 9. Are both needed? I’m trying to give myself more storage.

A: It is difficult to get information about Microsoft Digital Image products because support for them has been discontinued since January 13, 2009. Given that information, it is my understanding that the Library and the Pro product work together to give you the user experience you get. So removing the library part of the product might actually hurt your user experience.

It is also my understanding, from the limited information available, that the Library piece of the product does not take much that much space (less than 1GB). So depending on how large your hard drive is, removing this product might or might not give you the extra space you are looking for.

I don’t think removing a piece of the product is the correct solution for freeing up space on your computer if you use any part of the product. I think that would just lead to more issues down the road.

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