What do I do when my computer crashes right after it boots?

by on June 26, 2009

Q: My computer gave me this error message, however it wont stay on long enough for me to download regcure to run a scan. How do I get it in safe mode or stop the error so I can attempt to fix it? OX0000007B;COXF7868524;0XC0000034;0X00000000;0X00000000

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    Regcure probably isn’t going to help much in this situation.

    To get into Safe mode press F8 while the computer is booting up.

    Here is Microsoft’s page on how to deal with this type of error: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324103

    What changes did you make to your computer before this error happened?


    I can not access the Internet or anything from my computer. I am
    running diagnostic hard drive errors but it hasn’t found anything..the
    computer will not start up in safemode for me to log on to Internet to
    any type of repair. I attempted to download it to usb and insert it in
    the computer but thats not working either. I am not aware of any new
    items that may have been downloaded to the computer.

    if i get it on press f8 to run safemode. choose safemode sometimes it
    goes right to error screen and i have to shut it down or it starts
    windows and some virus scan that i didnt install starts running…if i
    choose to fix the issues or i choose not to the outcome is the same. it
    will not allow me to system restore..is there anyway to do this by F2,
    F8 or F12?


    Is there more than one harddrive in the computer?


    Also is this XP or Vista?


    It is XP. I am a “user”. I am assuming I only have 1 hard drive!..Wish I was more helpful.


    it found no errors on the hard drive still running blue screen errors..98% finished…dont think it will find anything.


    Call you tell me the make and model of the pc?


    its a dell inspirion E1705


    I truly appreciate your help..however I only have 2 hours left today to attempt to fix this computer I have no additional access until Monday.


    Unfortunately there really aren’t any easy fixes for this type of error. Your best bets are going to be to get Windows reinstalled on the system. Probably nothing wrong with it at a hardware level, and all your data is still there, so it can be recovered.


    Thats good…can u tell me how to do it?


    I inserted the windows xp disk but it will not upload it just keeps givingme blue screen and reboots…looks like thats it for me ..thanks for ur help…looks like i will ck back on monday