Find out if you can run it

by on June 28, 2009

Q: What games can an Intel(R) GMA 3100 run? I want to have a good PC game like crysis, half-life2, need for speed, etc. I want to know what games are compatible with my system.

A: There is a great free service called Can You RUN It? that will check your system and give you information on what will work with your computer.

The integrated video card you’re running right now isn’t going to get you very far with the games you’ve mentioned. Assuming this is a desktop PC, you’re going to need to purchased a separate video card to get good gaming performance. If this is a laptop, you’re not going to be playing many fancy 3D games with a GMA 3100.

If this is a desktop pc and you’re interested in upgrading the video card, give me the model number of your motherboard and a budget and I can offer some suggestions.

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