How does Direct TV on demand service work?

by on June 28, 2009

Q: I recently ordered Direct TV and I am looking at the on demand offerings. They offer a service where you can go on the web site and click a show to be downloaded to your receiver. However, they want you to buy a kit for your router and your receiver. What’s to stop me from just connecting with a patch cable? Also I need more info on how the Direct TV on demand service works.

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    The service is pretty simple but might be a little counter intuitive. The Direct TV on Demand service uses your Internet connection to get content so it is similar to using NetFlix except you get some content for free because you subscribe to Direct TV.

    This means you need to have a good Internet connection. They actually suggest a connection 2mbps but it does say it works with connections as slow as 750kbps but the slower your connection is the longer it will take to get the content.

    Setting up your system to use on demand is as simple as connecting it to the network and going though a few menus to tell the DIrect TV device to connect to your network. Once you do that then you are free to browse their content and watch all the shows you want.


    Oh I missed the part about the patch cable. In everything I see you can connect directly to your network using an Ethernet. Maybe you have an older receiver that does not allow that or maybe they think you want to do it via wireless?

    They have 3 ways of getting setup.

    1. Wired using an Ethernet cable and this requires no kits.

    2. Wall mount Ethernet Adapter, funny name, but it is for using your electrical wiring in your house as a network. I don’t suggest this but it might be useful for some people. This requires you buy a kit.

    3. Wireless, which probably makes the most sense for most people, is a Ethernet to wireless adapter and this will also require a kit.