How can I figure out what my Windows XP computer is downloading?

by on June 29, 2009

Q: Every time I hook my Dell c640 laptop running Windows XP Pro to the Internet it starts downloading something. I suspect it is a windows update. After 3 days and nearly 100 million bites later it is still downloading. The thing downloads incredibly slow despite being on a cable connection. Everything else I do on it is fast just not this download.

I don’t remember starting a windows update. Is there any way I can see what website IP the machine is connecting to while it downloads stuff in the background? Is there anyway to determine what file is being brought over?

One Response to “How can I figure out what my Windows XP computer is downloading?”

    Bring up a command prompt (start> Run… “cmd”) and type in “netstat -b” (without quotes) this will give you a report of all the programs you have running that are doing anything with the internet/network connection. Take a look at this and see if it answers your question. If you’d like you can post the results here.