How come I cannot access

by on June 30, 2009

Q: I can’t access all of a sudden. My Internet works. I can access any other website but not I have tried different computer, browsers, and the same thing. Can’t access only that website. What is the problem?

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    I have a feeling the site was having issues when you tried to access them because I am able to access them fine right now. So the problem was probably related to them doing an upgrade, their hosting company having issues, or their servers having issues.


    I just had this problem–I couldn’t get to megaupload no matter what browser I used, despite the fact that I was online and able to visit any other website. What worked for me was, strangely, turning off pop-up blocking. I also deleted my cookies, so you might want to try both.


      I have been having the same problem, if I run anchor hotspot shield I can access, but downloads become very slow.