Removing the plastic from copper wire to fix a headset

by on June 30, 2009

Q: I am trying to fix my Koss SB45 headset. I’ve managed to pull it apart and guessed that the problem was in the copper wire. I cut it apart and would to try to connect it at two different positions.

Since I’m not really that into electric stuff I just tried to connect them by just touching each other. But then I saw that there was some kind of Fiber glass inside the cable.

Then my question is, how do I connect these? Does the fiber glass have to touch the other fiber glass? And if the information is necessary there are three different cables, one blue, orange and red.

A:  I don’t think it is fiber glass that you are seeing. It should be copper wire with a plastic covering over it. You can use wire cutters to carefully cut the plastic off, a raiser, exacto knife, or as you followed up with, sandpaper. I must say sandpaper is a unique choice but anything to remove the plastic will allow you to start doing your testing.

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