Can I upgrade my old iMac running OS 9 to run OS X?

by on July 20, 2009

Q: I have a old iMac running OS 9.0. I want to download OS 9.1 so I can download mac OS X. Where can I find the download or do I have to buy it?

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    You do not have to upgrade to OS 9.1 to upgrade to OS X 10.5 Leopard, which is currently the latest version of the operating system. OS X 10.6 is coming out September 2009 but it will require an Intel processor so you will not be able to upgrade to that one.

    You should double check the OS X 10.5 Leopard system requirements to make sure that your computer meets the requirements. I would think that you can probably find OS X 10.5 for a good price since OS X 10.6 is coming out shortly.

    I should note that OS X does come free with new computers but the upgrade is not free so that is why you would have to buy the operating system if you want to put it on your computer.


    I have the disk and I want to install it.
    how can I?


    Depending on how old your computer is you should be able to just put the DVD in and boot from it by holding down the c button while the computer boots. If the computer is old you might need to do command – shift – option – delete but if your computer is that old then it probably won’t support OS X 10.5 Leopard.


      my mother bought it some time ago
      and it is mac os 9.0 and i have tried
      to hold down the c key but it goes into
      this safe mode of somewhat and
      tells me to restart but i am going to try that
      other key combination.
      thank you


        Chances are it is to old to run OS X 10.5 then. Can you pull the processor or model number from the system?


    no i can’t
    it says that its in a panic mode
    i erased the hardrive long ago
    and when i try to install mac os x
    it can’t go through


    Then it seems like your best bet is to install Mac OS 9 again if you have the CD for that and then get the hardware info to see if you can even run OS X on it.