How can I restore Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 if I lost my disk?

by on August 1, 2009

Q: I have a registered copy of MS Office Ultimate 2007 loaded on my computers but my disc is gone. If I ever have to dump and reload my computer I won’t be able to reload Office. I can’t seem to find a trial version of Office Ultimate to download so that I can enter my product code to make it work.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can have access to my software if I have to reload it? I called Microsoft and they were no help. They wanted me to appear in the same store where it was purchased with a receipt in order to get another disc. It was purchased in WA and I live in OH.

One Response to “How can I restore Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 if I lost my disk?”

    The office ultimate edition you cannot download a trial copy and if you do not have a recovery partition or backup cds then im sad to say in a jam. i do have a possible solution in the meantime, microsoft lets you download a trial of office professional 2007 which i found the link for your key may or may not work with it but its worth a shot. openoffice is a free officelike program which is very popular you can use for backup and last thing is if you happen to be a student with a actual valid school e-mail domain and can verify you attend any college/school… microsoft will sell you office 2007 ultimate for hope i was able to help a little