How do I put a GeoTrust seal on my web site?

by on August 6, 2009

Q: I bought a GeoTrust SSL and don’t know how to put the seal on my web page. They gave me the code but no instructions how to put it on a webpage.

One Response to “How do I put a GeoTrust seal on my web site?”

    There should be a section on there site where you can grab the html/javascript for the seal. You will need to copy that code.

    When you have that code you will have to modify your site. I am not sure if you do it in an editor or if you are using a site that has a built in editor but either way you will probably want to modify your footer template and put that code in there.

    There are so many variables related to how your site could be designed that it might be worth it to contact the person that designed your site and just have them put it in for you. It will probably take them 20 minutes so they might even do it for free.