Using WiFi and broadband instead of dialup

by on August 9, 2009

Q: I have an HP computer running Microsoft Windows XP. I have dial up Internet. I was wondering if it is possible to use the USB wireless cards in my computer for Internet access without a phone line? Is there any other equipment I would need to this? What type of equipment?

A: Your access to the Internet needs to come from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you want something faster than dial-up you’ll need to pay an ISP for a connection to their Internet service just like you would for cable or satellite TV.

The wireless cards you have are for what is generally called “WiFi” which is normally for very short range data communications, like inside your home or apartment. A normal home network setup would have a wireless router connected to some kind of broadband modem (usually DSL, FIOS, or cable in the USA) provided by the ISP.

From here you would be able to either plug your computer(s) into the back of the router or connect to the router using your wireless cards. Once connected to the router these computers would be able to access and share the same Internet connection, provided by your local ISP.

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