How do you turn on and off a computer that is connected to a docking station and using an external monitor?

by on August 11, 2009

Q: Hi. I recently purchased an ASUS laptop and plan on using it as a main work computer when not traveling. I have no experience with docking stations, and my question is, when the laptop is connected to the docking station, and using an external monitor, do you still have to raise the lid of the laptop to turn the computer on, or is there an on/off switch on the docking station?

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    Docking stations normally have their own on/off switch that you can use.


    Now I am really confused. I called Kensington, ASUS, Best Buy Geek Squad, and all are telling me that the only way to cut the computer on/off is by lifting the lid on the laptop. Thanks for the assistance, I guess the only way I’ll find out for sure is to go ahead and buy the dock and see what happens 😉


    With laptops there are really two different types of ‘docks’.

    Specialized docks (which is what I thought you were talking about) are usually built specifically for certain laptop models (almost always by the same company that built the laptop) and use a special connector plug. The keyboard, video signal, power, Ethernet,etc all go through this one big plug. This also allowed for the power to be controlled by the dock. They look like this:
    Note the power button in the top right.

    “Generic Docks”, (since you mentioned Kensington I’m going to guess your asking about this dock or one very similar: ) work for nearly all laptops and essentially just a way to minimize on wires. You could get the same functional result by just plugging in your USB mouse, keyboard, Ethernet, and video on all the ports on the back of the laptop.

    Generic docks require you to flip the lid open on the laptop to turn it on, because they don’t have any way to interface with the power button.


    Thank you Mark. When I called ASUS to see if there was a dock made for the laptop I had purchased, they did not have one for that particular model. I then looked at Kensington for a dock because they seemed to have good quality products and favorable reviews. I probably will forego getting a dock and just have some sort of stand, primarily to allow for air circulation, and possibly some sort of cable harness. I appreciate your assistance!