How come I cannot get my keyboard to work on the welcome to windows setup screen?

by on August 12, 2009

Q: I’m having a right old problem with my laptop, which is running Windows XP. A couple of days ago the keyboard stopped working. Not only this, but every time I pressed a key, the mousepad would also lock up and couldn’t be used until I restarted the computer. I can use an external mouse via USB no problem.

I assumed it was a virus of some sort, so I ran a virus checker programme, and search and destroy, and ccleaner. They didn’t come up with much. So I thought, ok, I’ll just back up my files and reformat the computer.

I ran the recovery disc (the keyboard worked fine when the computer was in, what, DOS(?) I mean I could type in y or n to get the recovery cd running.

This didn’t help though. Now, I’m stuck because the keyboard doesn’t work when I’m on the welcome to windows startup thing, so I can’t enter any information to get windows started.

I’m assuming this isn’t a hardware problem, because the keyboard was fine when the computer was in DOS (sorry, I don’t know if this is the right term) mode. The keyboard doesn’t work in Windows, AND when I got inside the system recovery programme.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

One Response to “How come I cannot get my keyboard to work on the welcome to windows setup screen?”

    Someone else might have an idea, but I think you should try to have someone take a look at the laptop. Did the system come with an actual Windows XP Install disk? I’d suggest trying that if possible.