How come my new hard drive shows up as not initialized?

by on August 12, 2009

Q: I have a Dell Dimension 2400 and I am trying to add a seagate 200 GB hard drive. I cannot find it in “My Computer” but when I go to device manger I see st340014a which is my master. I see st3200822a and that is the slave drive but when I go to properties then volumes it says disk: disk 1 /type: unknown/ status: not initialized/ partition style: not applicable. I don’t know what to do.

One Response to “How come my new hard drive shows up as not initialized?”

    Before you can use the new hard drive you need to partition it so the computer knows how to store data on it.

    Microsoft has a nice set of instructions you can follow on their website:

    When prompted you’ll want to use NTFS as your file system on the new drive instead of FAT or FAT32.

    Let me know if you have any questions.