Viruses cannot cause monitors to go out

by on August 15, 2009

Q: Is it possible for a virus to cause my monitor to go out? One day my monitor started making a popping noise and the screen was flickering so i turned it off and when i turn it back on it starts up but you can’t see anything on the screen. I hooked up an old monitor to it and I’m not sure if it was bad or my computer is the problem because it won’t show anything either. It flashes for one second when you turn it on (monitor) and you can see that my desktop picture and icons are up but it blacks right back out.

A: It is not possible for a virus to break your monitors. Either your monitors are dead or your display settings need to be reset

If neither monitor works even in Windows safe mode then you probably have a hardware problem. I’d suggest bringing in a known working monitor or computer into the mix to troubleshoot the problem. Also double check your video connection and make sure no pins are bent in the VGA connector.

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