Installing Microsoft Office 2007 without a CD or DVD drive

by on August 16, 2009

Q: I have an HP Mini which does not have a CD drive. Due to the lack of a CD drive  I can not install my Microsoft Office software without first purchasing an external CD drive. I really don’t want to buy something I won’t use that often. Does anyone know if OpenOffice and Microsoft Office documents are compatible!

A: You can download Microsoft Office 2007 from Microsoft if you own it and then use the “product key” that came with your disc to switch from trail mode to licensed mode.

If you own an older version of Microsoft Office then OpenOffice would probably be the easiest solution for you. OpenOffice can open most Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, and can save to a variety of Microsoft Office formats. Unless you need to save to Microsoft’s new Office 2007 formats (you probably won’t for several years) or open Microsoft Office documents that contain macros/scripts (not an issue for most home users), then OpenOffice is definitely something you should consider.

Do NOT download software from P2P or torrent sites, as such software often contains viruses/malware.

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