Why do I have weird characters showing up under my desktop icons?

by on August 17, 2009

Q: I have weird characters showing up under my Icons on my Windows XP desktop after a re-boot. Can this be corrected?

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    – Right click on your desktop
    – Click Properties, you should be on the ‘Themes’ tab
    – In the Theme: dropdown box, select ‘Windows XP’
    – Click Okay

    You will probably need to reset your wallpaper if you changed it, but this should correct the font problem. Let me know if it works for you.


    Tried that, it did not work. The charaters are on menu items as well.


    When I type in word, IE etc the characters are there as well. H’s come out as black dots, a is a check mark, z is a square..


    Try going to Start>Control Panel> Regional and Language Options.

    Make sure the drop down box in Standards and Formats says “English (United States)”. If not, change it.


    Is there a combination of key strokes I may have hit that I need to reverse to correct?


    Probably not, this isn’t the type of thing that would be caused by hitting the wrong button.

    If the Regional and Language Options changes don’t help I’d suggest you try a System Restore to when the text was working correctly.

    Microsoft has instructions on how to do a system restore here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/helpandsupport/getstarted/ballew_03may19.mspx