Can I remotely access a Q-see DVR card surveillance system?

by on August 21, 2009

Q: I have a Q-see DVR card surveillance system. I want to remote access it but I do not have a static IP address and I can not get one. I was wondering, is there another option? Like maybe using yahoo messenger through the webcam? I don’t know how to channel the camera to yahoo webcam though if this is an option.

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    It looks like the only limitation you’re running into is your lack of a static ip. In that case, the easiest thing for you to do is to just use a free dynamic DNS service like that available at

    With this you only have to remember your DDNS entry (like when you’re away. You can install their update client , and the machine will automatically update the IP address for the DNS entry in the event that it changes.

    Full documentation and details on how all this works is available here:


    ok the ip adress that dyndns gave me want fit in to the fire wall> virtual servera on my router in the private ip adress what # do i put in this box and were do i find it


    i dont know what to put in this box
    Do not skip this step!
    Please enter the static ip you want to forward to:


    that would be the internal ip address of the computer you want to connect to on your network that has the camera attached to it. You should see this listed in your router’s web config page.

    You can also find it by going to the computer that has the camera attached to it and clicking start>Run…

    Type in ‘cmd’ and click okay.

    Now type ipconfig at the command prompt that comes up and press return

    This should tell you the computer’s IP address


    For additional help and instructions you can also check out


    i am tring to forward my ports for my surveilance system i got two port that times out when i test it. it want let me log in the ports are 1159-1160 .ports 80 and 1161 work fine what can i do to fix them”


    oh and i can log in to the remote play back no problem just cant git in to see the live stuff


    Find your router’s model number the bottom of the home page, and follow the instructions there for how to add these extra port forwards.


    thats exactly what i did and the ports 1159 and 1160 are timed out. ports 80 and 1161 work fine


    i went to


    If the life feed doesn’t work, but the recorded video does, I suggest checking with q-see’s tech support to see if you’re missing something.