Laptop parts are for laptops

by on August 21, 2009

Q: I am wondering if laptop parts can be used in desktop computers? I have a laptop that just broke but it is an issue with the power supply not with any of the components in the laptop itself. I want to know if I can take a lot of parts and use them in this old desktop that I have.

A: Most laptops today have the majority of their parts integrated into the motherboard with the exception of the DVD drive and the hard drive. The hard drive is smaller than a desktop hard drive so you would need to use something like this Startech BRACKET25 2.5″ to 3.5″ Hard Drive Adapter kit so that it could fit in your desktop computer. You would probably need a similar adaptor to get the DVD drive to work as well.

It is a pretty good guess that your video card is integrated into the motherboard as well. You can find laptops that have them separate but you are looking at $3,000.00 plus for those laptops and they are primarily for people who want a gaming laptop. If you had a laptop made for gaming then you would probably be more interested in getting it fixed than you would be in recycling the parts.

The next part is the RAM. Again this is much smaller than what you would have in your desktop computer. I am not even certain they make adaptors but if they do they probably cost more than just buying new RAM for your desktop as desktop RAM is usually considerably cheaper than laptop RAM.

The last part of the computer that would be worth trying to reuse would be the wireless card. If this is not built onto the motherboard then it is most likely a PCMICA card. Again this is not something a desktop would come with so you would have to buy an adaptor for this as well. The problem here is you can usually find wireless cards to go into your desktop for $20.00 on sale at your local BestBuy once every few months so trying to reuse it might not be the best idea.

What you might want to do is considering trying to sell the laptop as broken on ebay. Someone might have the power supply it needs and/or they might have the ability to fix it. Then with the money you get you can buy the correct parts for your desktop and be in a better position.

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