DVD recorders: tuner vs tunerless

by on August 22, 2009

Q: On DVD recorders, what is the difference between one that has a ‘tuner’ and one that is ‘tunerless’? Why is one preferable to the other?

A: A tuner in this case is actually just like the tuner you would have in most TVs. This means you could directly connect the coax from your cable company or the coax from your antenna and you could control what channel your DVR would see.

With the tunerless version, ie the one without a tuner, you would have to have an external tuner like a cable box, satellite box, or an external TV tuner for your antenna that would feed the channel you want to record to the DVD recorder. This would require that the external tuner is on the correct channel for the DVD recorder to record.

If you wanted to setup your DVD recorder to record NCIS every week the tuner version, if connected to cable or an antenna directly, would be able to change to that channel and recorder. If you had a DVD recorder without a tuner then you would have to have your cable box or external tuner switch to the correct channel for the DVD recorder to record.

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