How do I make a file writable for the web on Windows XP?

by on August 22, 2009

Q: I am installing Drupal and their instructions are asking me to make a file writeable. I need to be able to change the security permissions on this particular file.

I am using Windows XP with service pack 3.

The right click properties is not showing a security tag.

Tools, Folder Options, is not showing a clear path that I can recognize to make the security tab available.

I was asked at drupal whether I was using a file system of fat 32 or NTFS.

Do you need to know this and where do I find this info?

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    Go to My Computer, and right click on your harddrive, and click properties. That screen will tell you what file system you’re using.


      Hi Mark… yeah I am running NTFS File System… what are your suggestion to approaching security in reference to making a file ‘writeable’?


    I appreciate you taking the time to help. I am aware of the link you suggested… When I follow those instructions and go to the advanced feature under view tab there is no ‘simple file sharing’ box. So I am unable to set that permission.

    I have read this article:

    But I am unsure how this addresses the problem.

    About the only thing I can see is starting me computer in safe mode gives me what they call an ACL. If ACL is the Classic security tab UI then would starting in safe mode help me to install Drupal and make this file temporarily writeable?

    My computer runs the Home Edition of XP which this article considers.

    Perhaps your level of understanding could decipher the correct action to take given this article above.

    Your help is needed!


    Just to make sure, this is the window you’re looking in for that ‘simple file sharing’ right?

    If so, and you don’t see it there, please tell me what version of Windows XP you’re running (Home, Professional, Basic, etc)


    Sorry, I see you’re running Home


    I am looking at the same View Tab as you provided… the last option on that list is ‘the pop-up discription’ item. That is last item on the list. There is no ‘file sharing’ option.

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    Okay, Simple file sharing can’t be turned off in Windows XP Home Edition. Please see this page for the solution to this problem:


    Ok Mark… thank you for your running around and searching… You really helped me!


    You’re welcome, have fun with drupal!