How would I create a web based to do program?

by on August 22, 2009

Q: I want to create my own custom “To Do” program that runs on my PC. It is complex with recurring tasks based on an anniversary date/month or from a number of days/weeks/months from the last completed date. Not too difficult so far.

The current “to do” tasks appear on my home page which is local to my PC. Again, all is fine so far.

What I want to do though is (ideally) to have a check box beside each task and when I check a task, it can do something to update my data. With my limited knowledge in this area, HTML can’t be used for updating however perhaps someone can provide me with some simple javascript or something as an example. The kludgey solution I currently have is that I invoke a maintenance program from my local web page but I get 2 pop up boxes from IE asking me if it’s ok to run. So any clues would be greatly appreciated.

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    How are you storing your actual tasks? What are you using for a database? What does your maintenance program do and what is it written in?


    The program is vb and tasks stored in access database but that is fairly inconsequential. If I can get the web page to update anything such aseven a text file to say “Task 27 completed” then I can integrate from there.


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      The programming language and the database are very important. You cannot use JavaScript to update any local files or databases on your computer due to security reasons. You could use AJAX (the combination of JavaScript with a server side programming language like VB.NET) to update the database. You could also just put a form on your HTML page to submit to the VB script as well.

      The best solution would be to run a web server like IIS and use .NET to create your web application and then it would be very easy to update your database and pull the information from your database to display it on your page.


    OK, thanks. Thats what I thought might be the answer. I have never dabbled much with IIS (I thought it was being phased out with VIsta?) or server side scripts but I suppose now is the time to have a go.

    Thanks for the info.


    I don’t think there are any plans for IIS to ever go away. Some versions of Windows Vista might not run it, due to how Microsoft is pricing things now, but it will never go away completely.

    Once you get into the web stuff you will find it is not that difficult at all, especially if you are currently doing application development for the desktop. There are some things you will have to learn that are slightly different than regular application development but the move is not that difficult.