How can I recover my accidently deleted iChat/AIM/IM messages?

by on August 24, 2009

Q: I was keeping transcripts of iChat/AIM messages in a folder on my desktop. The folder was deleted and I lost the transcripts. (1) If I use a file recovery program what format extension will these messages have? (2) Can the provider provide me w/ the transcripts if it concerns a legal matter?

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    I suggest trying to try and recover the files. The success of this or any other file recovery tool will depend on how long ago the files were deleted from the recycle bin and if the sectors of the hard drive that had contained them have already been overwritten.

    Here are a few other free tools you might want to try as well:

    To answer your two questions:
    (1) The deleted files should have whatever extension they had before they were deleted.
    (2) Your ISP, or the service you used for the chat *probably* isn’t retaining copies of all the chats that happen on their system. However, if you had legal issues where these might be needed I’d suggest talking to your lawyer about it.