What is a good scanner that can scan multiple pages into a single document?

by on August 28, 2009

Q: We are trying to obtain information on scanners. We are looking for a scanner that will scan multipages at one time and save all the scanned documents into one computer file. The salesperson at Staples suggested the Xerox 515 scanner which has an auto document feeder. Would you recommend this product or can you suggest a better product?

One Response to “What is a good scanner that can scan multiple pages into a single document?”

    I do not personally have any experience with the Xerox 515. Most scanners I use today are part of an All-In-One solution that have the printer, scanner, fax, etc all built into the same machine.

    I am glad you were able to figure out that you need an auto document feeder (ADF) to do what you are looking for. Great work there.

    The one thing I always look at when it comes to and auto document feeder is how many pages it can handle. The Xerox 515 says it can handle 50 pages, which seems very reasonable to me but it might not to you. So you have to figure out if that is a good enough number. In my experience the auto document feeders cannot handle the number of pages they say they can. So you might want to think more in the range of 40 to 45 pages max with this scanner instead of the 50 they advertise.

    Now realize you are not out of luck if you get 1 document a week that is over 50 pages. You can manually add pages to the feeder as the ones already in the feeder are taken out. The current All-In-One solution I have only handles 15 pages at a time and it usually has problems if I put more than 10 pages in so what I do is I put then 10 pages in and then when there are 2 or 3 pages left I stick another 5 pages in there.

    So my advice would be make sure the auto document feeder will handle the majority of the jobs. Don’t buy based on the 1 or 2 jobs a month that you will need a larger auto document feeder for unless you really need to be hands off.

    The only thing about this scanner that would send off red flags for me is that it does not seem like it can be connect to the network. Granted I have an All-In-One solution so networking is required for printing but I often find it useful to walk over to the scanner, put a paper in, and then select what machine it will scan to. Again you might not find this as useful but other people might.