Wireless extender for the Nintendo Wii

by on August 28, 2009

Q: What WiFi booster would work the best for my Wii?

A: The Wii uses the same wireless technology found in computers and other electronic devices. This means you don’t need anything special that works specifically with the Wii you can get any booster that will work with the wireless router that you have. Now the key here is that the WiFi booster or extender that you use will have to be compatible with your wireless router/access point.

So you will have to look at this list of wireless extenders and figure out which one will work best with the wireless router/access point you have. So you don’t require anything special to work with the Nintendo Wii. Since the price on the wireless extenders can get pretty high you might want to see if you can improve your WiFi reception first since this might be a free fix.

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