How come I cannot find my icons to access Microsoft Office after running MaAfee?

by on August 30, 2009

Q: I recently used McAfee to clean up my computer ie. temp. files and stuff like that. I chose the “shredder” method for deletion. However, this time around my icons for MS Word, Excel, etc. disappeared. I can still access my current documents and can open new documents thru the existing ones, but I can’t find the icons to directly open a new file. How do I get them back?

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    Your best bet is going to be to just create new shortcuts.

    Right click on your desktop
    Click New> Shortcut
    Click Browse… and navigate to your MS Office Install folder.

    It should be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office##\

    The ## will probably be either 11 or 12 depending on what version you’re running. In this folder you should see the executables for each office program. Click on one of them, then Okay and go through the rest of your steps to create the shortcuts for each one.


    I can not seem to get pass the desktop screen saver that I have, inwhich, I downloaded from the net awhile back. It’s as if the screensaver is the blockage, but because I can not get to my control panel I can not change the screen saver. Rht clicking on my desktop is doing nothing. The only way to get into the computer is : Task manager – File – New Task (Run)
    program/ internet depending on where I want to go next, but there’s no windows control panel unless it’s under some code.


    Try going into windows via safe-mode ( )
    and see if you can uninstall this troublesome software that way.

    Also, since you can get to the Run command prompt you can try typing ‘control appwiz.cpl’ to bring up the add remove programs page.

    More on that here:


    Thank you, I was able to finally get into my add/remove program page whereas I could not before by typing “control appwiz.cpl”. I changed the screen saver removed the malaware which I thought was the problem. But again I can not get anything on my desktop by right clicking. I am still using Task Manager to get in.
    I am wondering if I deleted some neccessary files.

    When I click into WINDOWS, under my files there are many strings of blue lettering words as well as (blue) files which seems abnormal ( as far as the coloring). I have black written files too . So I am thinking the blue files are missing association files probaly. Any ideas ?


    Blue lettering just means windows compressed those files, this has no impact on the machine and the files will still work if your computer needs them.

    Given how messed up your system is, your best bet is going to be to just do a fresh windows install, and being extra careful in the future ; )


    makes sense, thnks 🙂