SATA vs IDE for DVD burning

by on August 30, 2009

Q: Should I use SATA drives or IDE drives if I want the best DVD burning performance?

A: IDE is the older technology that allows 2 disks per channel but it means that one drive is a master and one drive is a slave. Both the drives have to compete to pass their data on the channel. So if you wanted to burning in this setup the best way to do it is to have the hard drive you will be burning from on one channel as the master and the DVD burner on another channel as the master. This will make sure the data can get where it needs to go.

SATA is the newer technology that allows for faster speed but only one drive per channel. This usually means you end up having less drive capacity in your computer but the increase in drive speed helps with things like burning. SATA also has a considerably faster data transfer rate than IDE.

Both technologies will allow you to get what you want done as long as they are setup but SATA would be perferable over IDE.

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