How come my copy to CD from Windows Media Player only works sometimes?

by on August 31, 2009

Q: I have Windows XP and Windows media player. I believe that I am doing everything right because sometimes it will work and other times it will not. Here’s the problem, I am on the copy to CD or device screen and I select the playlist and click on copy. It will say ready to copy and then the playlist will turn brown for a few seconds like it is getting ready to convert and then it will say coping in progress to the right of my playlist and after about 2 seconds it stops.

Everything on the playlist turns back to white and says ready to copy and the same process just repeats itself. It has only worked 3 times out of a whole bunch. I don’t understand because I am not doing anything different. It acts like it is going to copy for 2 seconds then just says ready to copy. I tried looking online at the media player website, but apparently no one else has this problem but me!

One Response to “How come my copy to CD from Windows Media Player only works sometimes?”

    See if you have better luck with this free cd burning program

    If you have the same problem with that program, then there is probably an issue with either your blank CD media or your cd-burner drive. Let us know how it goes.