Remove WinBlueSoft or WiniBlueSoft

by on August 31, 2009

Q: How do I remove WinBlueSoft or WiniBlueSoft from my computer? It seems to have taken over my computer and I cannot figure out how to remove it.

A: WinBlueSoft appears to be similar to WiniBlueSoft with a slight name change. Both pieces of software are spyware that people install because they are portrayed to be security software. WinBlueSoft is installed the software will act like it is security software and tell you that you have trojans, privacy issues, and other problems. It will not fix the issues for you though unless you pay for the software.

The problem here is that even if you pay for the software the trojans, privacy issues, and other problems wont be fixed because it is not really security software, it is just a big scam where the creator is trying to get your personal information. To learn more about WinBlueSoft, including how to remove it, we suggest you visit 2 Spyware’s WinBlueSoft removal page.

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