Netflix ready cell phones

by on September 4, 2009

Q: How would I know if a cell phone supports Netflix? What should I be looking for in the description of the phone?

A: There are no cell phones that currently support Netflix’s watch now feature. It should be noted that there are lots of rumors out there that there will be an app released soon for the iPhone that will let you download a video onto the iPhone from Netflix but that it wont be the watch now feature. It is rumored to work the same way iTunes, where you would download the entire video and then be able to watch it.

You can find a full list of devices that support Netflix on the Netflix Ready Devices List and we suggest you check it often as it will change often. Currently the only way to watch videos on a pocket sized portable device, like a cell phone, would be to load them onto the device. The iPod Touch and iPhone can easily download videos rented or purchased from iTunes but most other devices don’t have that luxary yet. Down the road I am sure this will change but that is how it is for now.

Now it is a little off topic but Amazon does have a video service and you can find compatible devices at Portable Devices: Amazon Video On Demand. The only problem there is that you probably already have a Netflix account and you want to take advantage of that and this would cost extra. For some people it might be an option though but currently there are only 2 cell phones that are supported. I suspect over time that will change though.

Right now video on your mobile device is far behind audio on your mobile device but it will catch up over time and unfortunately, as of right this minute, there is no real solution for Netflix on a mobile device. I suspect with all the rumors flying around about Netflix on the iPhone that this will change soon but until then you really have no easy way to get Netflix on any cell phone so the only thing you can look for if you have to get a phone that might support Netflix in the future is to make sure that the phone is supported by an app store. Also make sure that the phone supports video, meaning you can connect your cell phone to your computer and you can upload your own videos to it. If you have those two things then there is a chance that your phone might support Netflix in the future but there is no guarantee.

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